Author: Pankaj Pathania

Easy Word Templates is a platform that creates MS word Templates and layouts for businesses. We design Microsoft Word layouts for small businesses, IT companies, and organizations to make easy-to-edit documents in quick time.

How to manage font, size, and text style

You can Manage the Font of text, size, and text style easily. Please follow the screenshot attached below. We have used modern and latest font in our EWT pre-formatted MS Word templates. However, you can customize the font, size, style, and color of the text in the templates. Manage the Font of text Select the […]

How to Change or Add your Own Content

Change text in the Template with your own Content: In EWT readymade MS Word templates, we include text boxes with dummy text and you can customize with your own content easily. This is super easy, to edit dummy text you just need to click on it to select and replace it with your original content. […]